Committees & Coordinators

We can’t do this without you!  There are many volunteer opportunities available and many of them do not require extensive time or the need for you to be present for all the meetings or at the school all the time.  Here is a list of roles:

Husky Hustle Coordinator – 2019/20 Jolin Honas

This fundraiser provides the PTO with the majority of the its funds for the year.  The good news is that there is a game plan that has been working great and all of that can be passed on to you.  This is a great opportunity to really get to know the Hutch Staff and Community.  There are always people willing to help with this fundraiser, we just need someone to head it up.

Holiday Shop Coordinator  – 2019/20 Jessica Olguin

The kiddos love the Holiday Shop and while this endeavor is a bit time consuming, it is only for one week of the year.  If you can spare a few days December 2-6, and don’t mind seeing super happy kids all day this may be the position for you.

Movie Night Coordinator – 2019/10 To Be Jessica Olguin

A great opportunity for someone with limited time.  Make a few phone calls to coordinate the movie screen rental and do a little promotion.  This is a fairly easy event to coordinate and would be a great way to get more involved.  You can go with what’s worked in the past or add your own twist.

Box Tops Coordinator – 2019/20 Wendy Heywood

This has been going on for years so the staff is pretty well versed in what they need to do (keep a box tops collection box in their classroom).  You promote key collection dates, develop incentives prizes for top classrooms, gather all the box tops and send them in for cash for Hutch.

Community Night Organizer – 2019/20 Jeff Owen

If you have a phone and an email account you can do this!  This volunteer gets in touch with local restaurants and businesses to set up monthly community nights.  The businesses typically give a cut of the night’s proceeds back to Hutchinson PTO.

Race to Read Coordinator – 2019/20 Darcey Dobling

Room Parent Coordinator – 2019/20 Michelle Colaizzi

School Supply Coordinator – 2019/20 Jessica Begay

Healthy Schools – 2019/20 Sara Roth

King Soopers Fundraising- 2019/20 Wendy Heywood

Watch D.O.G.S. Top Dog- 2019/20 Eric Jones