S.E.D. Center at Hutchinson Needs Snack Donations

Hutchinson PTO is looking for parents who are able to donate snacks to the S.E.D. center program. Currently the teachers who work and support this room purchase snacks with their own money to support their students. We are hoping to help them and reduce their personal costs by donating some Costco size individually wrapped snacks to last the month. The things the students tend to eat are Kirkland brand chewy granola bars, goldfish, string cheese, apple sauce squeezers and fruit gummy snacks but are not limited to those items. They will take any donations to help supply their classroom which will assist students who greatly benefit from having snacks provided at school. With the new COVID protocols we ask that you leave the donated snacks inside the school in the breezeway. You will need to be buzzed in please let the office know you are dropping off snack for the DEN. You will not need to enter the office but will leave donations against the wall in a location that doesn’t block the doorways in the breezeway or the office might instruct you to leave them in a specific location that they determine.

Please click here to review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up.

Thank you!